About Us

Our Philosophy

First, we believe that every student is different and deserves a fulfilling, purposeful life. With that belief, we seek to build a school that provides safety, love, laughter, knowledge, values, and resources, opportunities to make life-long friends, and an educational research center for researchers all in the spirit to improve the lives of all learners. Believing that hopelessness, loneliness, and boredom account for the majority of academic anguish; and thinking that learning revolves around continuous contact with happy people, deep thought, physical activity and healthy food, our model focuses on ten major principles:

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The 10 Principles

  • 1. Relationships via Ubuntu – I am because we are

  • 2. Love via laughter

  • 3. Clear Communication via writing and learning multiple languages

  • 4. Strong Mathematics via robust Algebraic study

  • 5. Critical Thinking and Critical Understanding via making smart decisions

  • 6. Hara Hachi Bu via limiting our food consumption

  • 7. Ikigai, Plan de Vida, or Sense of Purpose

  • 8. Robust Physical Education

  • 9. Entrepreneurship

  • 10. Finland’s Model of Extra Help

Based on research, these principles not only improve academic outcomes, but improves/changes behavior, lengthens one’s life span, and improve one’s overall health.

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Our Hope

We hope to eliminate hopelessness, loneliness, and boredom in all children by instilling hope, excitement, and offering life-long relationships for all learners. It is our belief that hopelessness, loneliness and boredom account for the majority of academic suffering amongst all children.

We imagine that the academic community has an environment where learning revolves around continuous contact with multiple languages, healthy food, happy people, deep thought, and physical activity.

In an academic setting hope, excitement, relationships and love are the remedies to hopelessness, loneliness, and boredom. All children warrant easy access to multiple languages, hardy mathematics, physical activity, fun and human companionship.

We envisage that the academic community instills school life with variety and spontaneity by creating an environment in which unexpected and unpredictable interactions can take place.

Meaningless learning activities disintegrate the learner’s spirit. The opportunities to do things that students find meaningful are essential to academic growth.